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Harper is focused on simplifying life. Designed to dramatically improve the critical relationship between as doctor and a patient.

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Compassionate Care

Share the transcription of your healthcare visit with loved ones.

50% of patients walk out of their physician’s office not clear on what they were told or are supposed to do.


You can simply start recording your healthcare visit by the press of a button.


Your recordings will easily be transcribed for your reading pleasure and instant share-ability.


There will be useful information pulled into your Harper app. Just click on the hyper-linked text to gain a better understanding.


You can access web md, wikipedia or the mayo clinics information to put you and your loved ones in control.

Health is the most important aspect of our lives.

The average patient only remembers 10% of what they hear. We are set out to dramatically improve the interaction that takes place between the patient and the doctor.


Giving the power to the patient. We want to simplify life for people who frequently have doctor visits.

For Doctors

The next evolution of compassionate care is designed to dramatically improve the critical relationship between a doctor and a patient..


Want to remember what your Dr. tells you?


Join the compassionate care movement.

One of the biggest problems facing health care today is the huge disconnect in communication between doctors and patients. 40-80% of medical information provided by healthcare practitioners is forgotten immediately and almost half of the information that is remembered is incorrect.

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For healthcare providers that value the relationship between the providers, healthcare professionals
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Focus on your patients. On who they are, what they care about. It’s really why you went into medicine.

Dr. Paul Kalanithi

People are dying because we can’t communicate in ways that allow us to understand each other.

Alan Alda

People always ask if its my calling, and my answer is yes. You can’t see it as a job, because if its a job, its the worst job there is.

Dr. Paul Kalanithi, When Breath Becomes Air

Frequently Asked Questions

Please chat with us or send an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question here.

What is Harper?

A platform and application that brings communication, collaboration, education and guidance to ALL people when dealing with their health.

Do I have to invite my healthcare professional to join Harper?

Yes. You are the patient, therefore you control your information. You can share it with whomever you chose. In order for your healthcare professional to gain access, you will have to share it with them via a password protected share email. 

Do I have to share my recording with my healthcare professional?

No. This is your choice, you do not have to share your recording or transcription with your doctor or healthcare professional. However, we do recommend it as it’s a great way to establish trust and transparency.

How do I share my recordings?

Simply just press the share button in your Harper app or when you are logged into the platform.

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Download Harper today to remember the details of your recent visits. Be able to share your healthcare visits with your friends, family and doctors.

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